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‘Thousands’ of UK homeowners at risk following Unrated Insurer Alpha collapse, Build-Zone are here t

New build homeowners in the UK could be unaware that they are missing critical structural defects insurance after Alpha’s collapse. The team at Build-Zone are urging Alpha Insurance policyholders to speak to them for guidance.

Thousands of new build homeowners could be without 10-year structural defects insurance following unrated Alpha’s collapse. Many may not be aware of this, therefore Build-Zone are urging all Alpha Insurance Warranty policyholders to speak to them for guidance, even if you are not sure if you might be at risk.

Build-Zone have an interactive Form that you can access here. Anyone seeking further advice and guidance can provide basic details and they will then get back to you.

It was not just Warranty Clients that were left high and dry – London Taxi Drivers insured through the broker Protector were informed by text and email!

There will be quite a number of policyholders affected, with the scale of the impact of the insurer’s collapse still emerging and the CML and their Members still remaining silent. It will affect Lenders given that they insist on Structural Warranties being provided as a condition of the Loans. Many Homeowners and Lenders may still be unaware that they are no longer insured!

The Danish regulator and the UK’s FCA have been stressing the importance of rearranging cover.

Build-Zone would like all Alpha Construction Latent Defects Policyholders to ensure that are informed about what steps are now going to be taken to protect these now uninsured homes.

The risk of using unrated insurers is not just hypothetical — it is very real.

If you are an Alpha Insurance A/S customer with a Construction Latent Defects Policy and you:

  • Require an insurance policy with an A-rated insurer.

  • Have a project in the pipeline as quoted by a Broker using Alpha Insurance A/S and need assistance on your project.

  • Or, you want to change your Insurance Broker and use an A-rated insurer.

Get in contact with the Build-Zone team today!

Whether you are Developer, Contractor, Custom Builder or Self-Builder feel free to give us a call to discuss it with our trained team of Insurance Professionals or complete the online form at:

Build-Zone was created as a 10 Year Structural Warranty provider in 2003 and is a trading style of Sennocke International Insurance Services Limited, which was established in 1990. We are experienced in underwriting warranties for all types of developments, from single unit Self-builds and Custom Builds to large Residential or Commercial developments. Whatever your project, we can help provide the 10 or 12 Year Structural Warranty you need.

Once we have the required information we will get back to you in 24 hours if your project is urgent and we can arrange Building Control attendance within days.

Call us on: 0345 230 9873 or visit for more information.

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