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Building Contract suitable for self-builder (B152)

Building Contract suitable for self-builder (B152)


You need a written contract with your contractor if you are building a new house or a large extension.  A construction project has a lot of uncertainties and a written contract will not only set out the scope of work, price and payment terms, but also provide a mechanism for dealing with changes that might be needed,

The ContractStore document B152 comprises:

  • a one page form of agreement that you and your builder will sign
  • standard Terms & Conditions (17 clauses)
  • an Appendix with space for details a list of specific items such as the completion date, amount of insurances etc.
  • Schedules to be completed with the scope of work, the contract price and payment terms.



This contract can be used for a single main contractor or, if you are using different contractors for different parts of the work, the same model form can be used for each of those contractors.  .

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