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Relying on Home Insurance or your builder’s Public Liability policy when carrying out an extension is definitely not a good idea.


The very nature of a building extension involves your home so most people assume that their Home Insurance and the builder's Public Liability cover is sufficient, which simply is not the case.

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Get the Right Cover In Place

Extension Insurance covers the structure which is being extended as well as the new extension works and materials right up to the point the project is completed. Plant, tools and equipment or a residential caravan can also be covered if required.

Our Extension Site Insurance

Extension insurance will adequately cover the home and all the new works, materials and plant equipment as well as your liability to others, and has been specifically designed to give you the protection you need. Extension insurance will cover you if your home collapses while creating a new opening through to the extension. Home Insurance may not.


Self-Build Zone provides Employers' and Public Liability insurance as standard, as we know that other people, including family and friends, could be working on-site and they may get injured or someone may cause damage to a third party or their property. It is important that they are adequately protected, and that also includes the cost of defending and/or pursuing a claim.


If you have a party wall agreement in place with one or more neighbours, you will probably be responsible for rectifying any damage caused to their property (however serious) so you should seek professional party wall advice in this respect and make sure you have adequate cover in place. We can also provide JCT 6.5.1 Insurance. Self-Build Zone provides a range of Site Insurance as well as our extension Site Insurance, to help you get the right cover.

Extension Insurance is available for a range of different policy durations. Insurance for building work for an extension project will provide cover in all the places home insurance does not, including when the property is unoccupied prior to and during the extension works.  Most people don't realise that standard home insurance will not cover you adequately and carries many exclusions. Simply relying on your builders' Public Liability is a very short-sighted approach and will not cover you unless you can demonstrate they were negligent. Site Insurance is the most practical and efficient way of covering your extension project. If you approach the end of your extension insurance policy and you aren’t finished with the work you can purchase a new policy to keep you covered. Our site insurance policies can be for the duration of 3 months all the way through to 24 months.

Legal Expenses Insurance Cover

Extension projects can be complex affairs because of the diversity of trades working on the site and the associated risks or exposures that come with that. We have many years of experience of what goes wrong, what the major issues have been and what causes clients the most stress. Not using properly written contracts probably causes more problems and upset than anything else. Without a contract, you cannot prove the terms of engagement with professionals, contractors, or suppliers.


We have known people to lose large amounts of money because they failed to use properly written contracts. When it comes to trying to make claims without this, it is very difficult as the burden of proof is on you. With a contract, there is little escape. That is why with our contract package we give you unlimited use of the contract wordings.


We back this up with the addition of Legal Expense cover, which is provided as standard with all of our Site Insurance products (excluding Developers Insurance).


If a dispute arises, the legal team will provide you with essential legal advice to enable you to pursue a contractual dispute claim where there is a good chance of success (terms and conditions apply).


By correctly using our contract templates, you will have the necessary proof of the basis of the contract which will hopefully enable a swift conclusion of any dispute.

Perhaps Your Contractor Is Insured?

Most contractors only have Public Liability cover, which is not sufficient as no one is taking full responsibility for the existing structure or the works in progress. Insurance for building work is vital, as a seriously fire-damaged property, whether caused accidentally or by vandalism, is a financial and emotional loss that does not bear thinking about so don't leave it to chance.

Need a Structural Warranty?

A Self-Build Zone 10 Year Structural Warranty is one of the best ways to protect your project against the effect a major structural defect could have. Should you wish to sell the property at some point in the future, a Self-Build Zone 10 Year Structural Warranty will give you the peace of mind that the building was completed professionally and that it is covered by a lender-approved warranty.

HBR barn converions image.jpg
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