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Self Build Site Insurance is necessary to protect your investment when you’re carrying out a renovation, conversion, extension or new build. Our self build site insurance policies cover the new work, existing structure and rest of the site. It protects against the likes of losses, fire theft, flood, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage. See the specific project pages for in-depth information on Self-Build Zone’s Self Build Site Insurance.

​Self Build Site Insurance is to be taken out as soon as contracts have been exchanged or right before work is about to start on your self build site. Our Self Build Site Insurance policies include public liability cover to protect you before you even start work. You will be covered from the moment you purchase the plot, throughout the construction process, right up until work is complete and the building is in use.

Our Self Build Site Insurance policies will protect your site against any physical damage that may occur throughout the construction process. This includes physical loss or damage to the work itself and to any tools, materials and equipment on the site.

Not only does our self build Site Insurance cover physical damage – Legal Expenses cover is included as standard with all of our Site Insurance policies (excluding Developers Insurance). We understand that self build projects can be complex due to the variety of trades working on site and the risks that are associated with this and the work itself. If any disputes arise, the legal team will be on hand to provide essential legal advice where needed.

Many self-builders assume that if they are using a contractor or builder, they would have their own insurance cover for the project, but sadly this is rarely the case. Your builder may say they are fully insured – and they probably believe it themselves – but the likelihood is they actually only have a public liability policy. This simply covers them in the event that they cause damage or injury to a third party following a negligent act, which of course you would have to prove. Being a liability insurance, it doesn’t cover issues like storm damage, arson, theft of materials or plant, to name just a few — essentially all the uncontrollable things you really do need to protect yourself against. One huge potential pitfall is if you are carrying out work close to your neighbour’s foundations. If work on your project damages a neighbour’s property, this won’t be covered by public liability insurance. You need to make sure you have a self build site insurance policy to cover your whole build from plot to completion.

A self build is usually one of the largest financial investments you will make so you need to make sure your whole plot is protected and those you bring on site. If you are intending to rely on a professional’s insurance policy, you need to make sure it is sufficient for your whole build. You can do this by requesting to see a copy of your professional or builder’s insurance policy to see if it is comprehensive enough to cover all of the above.

If you pay a contractor to do some work on your property, you have a building contract with them. It doesn’t have to be in writing – but even for a fairly small job, it’s sensible (I’d argue essential) to at least set out the main terms on paper. Without this, it’s your word against the builder’s if disputes arise, and it can be difficult to prove your case based on a verbal agreement. A fair contract will foster a good rapport, so a decent builder will want one as much as you do. Plus, having an agreed price and payment terms works in their favour as much as it does yours.

​When choosing the right site insurance for you, you will also have the opportunity to purchase our ContractStore contract package to help you ensure you have a properly written contract to protect you against further accidents that may happen on-site.

Many self-builders overlook the need for contracts, but a contract can help keep your self build on track. Putting a simple agreement in place, alongside a straightforward claims form, can also put you in good stead with your insurer

Find the perfect self build site insurance with us by browsing our specific project policy information.

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