New-build insurance – expert cover from the ground up


We’re building insurance for your new-build

If you’re looking for insurance for new-builds, it means that blueprint will soon become a reality. Whether you’re a developer with multiple plots or a self-starter creating your own home, Self-Build Zone can protect you and every aspect of your project with expert new build insurance that adds reassurance to your plans.

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What insurance do you need for a new build?

New build insurance covers your building project from either the beginning of construction or purchasing a plot, right through to the completed home or development. Your site and structure will be covered, plus any tools, materials and even residential caravans that may be present on the site. Our new build insurance is designed for people building their own homes either independently, through a builder or contractor, via a custom-build model with an enabling developer, or as part of a community-led development.

How else can new-build insurance help?

New-build home insurance covers your whole project from the ground up. From the point you assume responsibility on a plot or property, our new build insurance covers your liability from planning until completion. It offers:

  • Cover for materials and work in progress – from your tools and equipment, to residential caravans, to your new-build as it comes together, we’ll cover everything on site.
  • Public liability and employers’ liability cover – included as standard with our new-build house insurance, these types of cover protect people on-site, including contractors, family and friends, as well as their property.
  • Flexible policy lengths – every project is different so we make it easy for you. Our new-build home insurance policies range from 12 to 24 months, after which you can take out an extra 3, 6 or 9 months of cover if you need.
  • Contract wordings – new-build houses need a range of tradespeople to complete, so having the right contracts is essential, especially if there’s ever a dispute. We can bring you easy-to-use contract templates at affordable prices, with unlimited use of the contract wordings.
  • Legal expenses – provided as standard with our new-build home insurance, this type of cover provides legal advice and, if suitable, support to pursue a contractual dispute (terms and conditions apply).

Why an insured contractor isn’t enough

While your builder should have their own insurance, it’s unlikely to cover the full cost of your new-build. Most contractors only have public liability cover and their policy is often only active when they’re on site. Our new build insurance gives you peace of mind 24/7, protecting your structure and materials against risks such as fire, vandalism, theft, potential negligence by your builder and more.

Have you got your structural warranty?

Structural issues can take time to show. New-build projects need a structural warranty to cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding any latent defects – and if you need to sell, mortgage providers require you to have one in place. Self-Build Zone’s 10-year structural warranty is lender-approved and one of the best ways to protect your project.