New Build Insurance


New Build Insurance

New build insurance is perfect for people embarking on a range of new build projects. No matter whether you’re a developer building multiple plots, or an individual building your own home, Self-Build Zone has the right new build home insurance for you.

A new build project allows you to lean into your creativity and bring your vision to life, and that’s why new build insurance is so important. Building a new home comes with many exciting prospects, but also with big risks. It is a big project financially and takes a lot of time and materials. That’s why we’re here to provide the right new build insurance policy to cover every aspect of your project.

Get the Right Cover In Place

Extension Insurance covers the structure which is being extended as well as the new extension works and materials right up to the point the project is completed. Plant, tools and equipment or a residential caravan can also be covered if required.

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What is New Build Insurance?

New build insurance covers your home while it is being built. Having new build home insurance protects your home throughout the construction phase against risks that may not be included in your contractor’s or builder’s insurance. These risks include floods, theft of tools/materials, public liability, employer’s liability, damage by a third party and much more.

What does New Build Insurance Cover?

Our new build insurance is designed for people building their own homes either independently, through a builder or contractor, via a custom build model with an enabling developer, or as part of a community-led development, irrespective of their actual physical level of involvement. With Self-Build Zone you’ll find the perfect self-build insurance policy for your project.


New build insurance covers your building project from the beginning of construction or purchase of a plot to the completed home or development. Your site and structure will be covered against any disaster plus any tools, materials and even residential caravans that may be present on the site.

Remember, a nearly completed new build that is badly damaged by fire, whether accidental or caused by vandalism, is a serious loss that doesn’t bear thinking about – so don’t leave it to chance.

Accidents do happen. People working on site, whether it be family, friends or third-party contractors, do get injured and that is an unfortunate fact. Obviously, we try to minimise the risk by making health and safety information available but it is very important that both you and they are adequately protected. This is why we also include Public Liability and Employers’ Liability cover with our new build home insurance policies.

New Build Insurance Before Completion

New build insurance begins before completion so your full project is covered from the ground up. Our new build home insurance covers the project from the point you assume responsibility on a plot or property that is to be demolished (where you have a liability exposure) and continues whilst you are sorting out the planning. As the plot becomes a construction site, the policy responds by covering the work in progress and materials. It is quite likely that you will have tools and equipment on-site or maybe even a residential caravan, so these can be covered if you need it.

We recognise that every project is different so we provide various types of policies ranging from 12 months to 24 months, after which short-period policies of 3, 6, or 9 months are available should you need more time. The 12-month option allows you to specify the areas and cover levels that you require for your new build project. Quotes for these options are available online.

Why you need New Build Insurance

New build insurance is essential to cover the risks that come with a building project. Even if you’re using a contractor or builder, don’t assume you’ll be covered under their insurance as that will only cover them and their materials whilst they’re on-site – additional new build insurance for yourself is needed to protect yourself and your structure for unexpected damage that could be caused away from the working day.​Most people also assume the builder or contractor’s Public Liability Insurance will cover them – however, this is a short-sighted approach and will only cover if negligence is proven. This means you will have to prove them to be at fault which could cost you a lengthy legal pursuit which might not be successful.

Extension Insurance is the most practical and efficient way of covering your building extension from start to finish. If you approach the end of your home extension insurance policy and you aren’t finished with the work you can purchase a new policy to keep you covered. Our site insurance policies can be for the duration of 3 months all the way through to 24 months.

Perhaps Your Contractor Is Insured?

Remember that relying on your contractor, builder or tradesman’s insurance cover may not always be the correct course of action. Many contractors only have Public Liability cover which is not sufficient as no one is taking full responsibility for the work in progress. Note that Public Liability Insurance only covers negligent acts and it is sometimes a very lengthy and costly process to prove this.

Make sure you actually see an original policy, not a photocopy, and more importantly, check the limits and sums insured.

Legal Expenses Insurance Cover?

New build projects can be complex affairs due to the diversity of trades working on site and the variety of risks and exposures.

We have many years of experience helping our clients when things go wrong, what the major issues are and what causes clients the most stress. Not using properly written contracts, without a doubt, causes more problems and upset than anything else. Without a contract, you cannot prove the terms of engagement with professionals, contractors or suppliers, and therefore establishing a breach of contract, which is a requirement in order to recover a claim under a Legal Expenses policy, is difficult.

People have lost large amounts of money because they failed to use properly written contracts. When it comes to claims without proof of a contract, it is difficult to establish your loss. By making proper use of our contract wordings it would be very difficult for third parties to escape liability and the Legal Expenses insurance will back this up. That is why with our contract package, we give you unlimited use of the contract wordings.

We back this up with the addition of Legal Expense cover, which is provided as standard with all of our Site Insurance policies (excluding Developers Insurance).

If a dispute should arise the legal helpline is there to provide you with essential advice to enable you to pursue a contractual dispute claim where there is a good chance of success (terms and conditions apply).

By correctly using our contract templates, you should have the necessary proof of the basis of the contract which will hopefully enable a swift conclusion of any dispute.

Our new build insurance is designed to protect you, your project and everyone on your site so you’re fully covered with the right new build insurance policy. Enjoy your project with full peace of mind.

Need a Structural Warranty?

A Self-Build Zone 10 Year Structural Warranty is one of the best ways to protect your project against the effect a major structural defect could have. Should you wish to sell the property at some point in the future, a Self-Build Zone 10 Year Structural Warranty will give you the peace of mind that the building was completed professionally and that it is covered by a lender-approved warranty.