Home buyers guide to the Build-Zone Warranty

Home buyers guide to the Build-Zone Warranty

If you have bought a home benefiting from a Build-Zone warranty, you can be secure in the knowledge that it has undergone a thorough technical audit process, to ensure it is constructed to the standard required by Build-Zone. However, if anything goes wrong and a defect appears, Build-Zone will help you through the claims process. Below is a guide to the different areas of your home buyer warranty cover.

Home Buyer Warranty Cover

Build-Zone offers a range of Structural Warranty options. Generally, each warranty is effective for 10 years from the date of completion of the home (this may be 12 years in the case of social housing or commercial warranties). Please note that general snagging issues are not covered under the warranty. Please see your policy wording for full details of your cover.

First 2 years of the policy (new home warranty only):
If your home is covered by a new home warranty, during the first 2 years it is the developer’s responsibility to deal with any defects that arise under the terms of the warranty, and they should be contacted directly if you have any problems. Should the developer fail to deal with your problem, or become insolvent, then Build-Zone should be contacted to deal with the issue if it relates your warranty cover.

Remainder of policy period:
For the remaining period of the new home warranty (or for the full policy period for other policies), all home buyer warranty claims should be directed to Build-Zone using the claims procedure outlined in your policy. Your claim will be processed promptly to ensure a resolution as early as possible.

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Build-Zone is accepted by most of the UK lenders. Here is a full list of approved UK lenders.  Our list is constantly being updated, however, if your lender does not appear here, please contact us and we will try to assist.
Council of Mortgage Lenders: You can visit the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook  to check if your lender accepts Build-Zone.
  1. Select your region.
  2. Select your lender
  3. Select ‘Part 2 only’
  4. Click ‘Submit’
  5. Go to Section 6.7.1 (England, Wales & Scotland) or 6.6.1 (Northern Ireland) to see which warranty providers are accepted by your lender


Code of Conduct for Home Builders (Build-Zone New Home Warranty)

The Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders has been set up to ensure that the interests of home buyers are protected before, during and after the purchase of a new home.
The code applies to all developments benefiting from a Build-Zone new home warranty and requires the home builder to:
  • Provide a high standard of customer service when dealing with potential purchasers.
  • Take account of the needs of vulnerable consumers eg vulnerable due to age, infirmity, disability, learning difficulty etc.
  • Advertise the new home accurately.
  • Ensure Health & Safety provisions are made for visits to the site by potential purchasers.
  • Ensure pre-contract information, reservation agreements and sale contracts are clear and accurate.
  • Ensure the home buyer’s deposit is protected – how this is done needs to be confirmed to the home buyer.
  • Deal with any complaints relating to the code for the duration of the defects insurance period.
The code provides a framework for dealing with home buyers’ complaints using a mediation and dispute resolution service.

Download the Build-Zone Code of Conduct

Download our New Home Warranty Guide for HomeBuyers

Our New Home warranty guide tells your homebuyers everything they need to know about their Build-Zone warranty. Simply download it or request a print version for your homebuyers.