28 July 2021

Bacon Review submission marks 10 years of NACSBA

By Self Build Zone

The submission on 23rd July of Richard Bacon’s Review of the Custom and Self Build Sector marks 10 years since the publication of NaCSBA’s paper An Action Plan to Promote the Growth of Self Build Housing.

The plan set out a vision for taking self build mainstream, to double the number of homes provided by the route, while opening up self build to a new generation of younger self builders. This paper predated the coining of the term custom build, and set out a vision that would ultimately lead to the Right to Build legislation in 2016.

While NaCSBA’s roots go as far back as 2008, it is these last 10 years that have seen the transformation of both NaCSBA and the entire custom and self build sector. The submission of the Bacon Review marks the close of one chapter and the opening of a new one where we hope to achieve that target of doubling output.

But as a member organisation, NaCSBA is reliant on those people and companies that have had the vision and commitment to support our work through membership. So while NaCSBA thanks all of its members, we’d like to extend a very warm thank you to all those companies that have been with us since the start, or very nearly, especially those members that have supported us for 10 years or more.

A decade on and the sector is poised for greatness – government is listening, there is more finance available than ever before – both for development and consumers, and the planning sector is starting to appreciate the difference we can bring to housing. So we intend to build on these foundations and continue to work to grow the sector.

Read the full article and outcomes here.

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