11 July 2023

NaCSBA Launch Digital Right to Build Data Analysis Tool

By Self Build Zone

Self-build and specialist custom-build experts LivedIn and NaCSBA have collaborated and created a digital tool to analyse the Right to Build Registers data. The clever tool provides a simple-to-use visual representation of the demand and plot supply data for the self and custom build housing industry across every local authority in England.

The tool was launched at NaCBSA’s recent Parliamentary reception hosted by Richard Bacon, with the Self-Build Zone in attendance. The Right to Build Analysis Tool uses the national data compiled by the government as its source.

While the Right to Build is aimed at growing the number of self-commissioned homes in England, to date, it has failed to deliver a notable increase in numbers. Consequently, demand has not been met, and access to the Registers has become increasingly difficult due to the introduction of barriers to entry, such as local connection test and charges.

NaCSBA and LivedIn will continue to build on the tool, empowering the sector through better data stories to support the delivery of self and custom build.

The “Right to Build” is a government initiative that was launched in the UK in 2016. The objective of this initiative is to encourage more custom-built homes in the country. It allows individuals to express interest in a serviced plot in their preferred local authority area, making it easier for self-builders to find plots for their projects.

Here are some key points about the Right to Build:

  1. The Right to Build legislation requires local authorities to ensure there is adequate land provision for those who wish to build their own homes.

  2. Custom Build Homes works with developers, landowners, housebuilders, and local planning authorities to bring forward serviced plots, custom homes, and communities.

  3. The Right to Build Scheme is a legislation introduced to increase the number of people in England, particularly, building their own homes.

  4. The Right to Build is only open to those who want to build their own home in England. There is currently no equivalent for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  5. In a bid to increase the number of self-build homes in England, the scheme is designed to help people overcome one of the most challenging aspects of self-building – finding a suitable plot.

You can try the new digital tool here: https://livedin.co.uk/localauthorities

Under the Right to Build legislation, local authorities are required to ensure there is adequate land provision for those who want to build their own homes. This is part of the Self and Custom Build Housebuilding Act 2015.

Several organisations and portals support the implementation of this initiative. For instance, the Right to Build Task Force offers professional services to support the delivery of custom and self-build homes at scale. The Right to Build Portal, a core campaign for NaCSBA (National Custom & Self Build Association), allows people to search for the Right to Build registers near them.

In Wales, the Welsh Government established the Self Build Wales scheme to help remove the barriers and uncertainty that prevent people from building their own homes. This scheme aims to transform underdeveloped or underused land into suitable plots for new self-build and custom-build homes.



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