7 October 2021

Self and custom-build sector fund: Round two

By Self Build Zone

Building on the first round of self and custom build funding, the LGA is now seeking further projects to come forward. The fund targets small sites facing viability issues that have prevented the release of local authority-owned land for self and custom build housing delivery.

The self and custom-build sector is fast-growing and the Government is committed to supporting it. A notable challenge for self and custom-builders is the lack of supply of serviced plots. There are often competing priorities for the use of the land and a lack of available capital and revenue funding to bring them forward, which causes demand to outstrip supply.

The Bacon Review recommends the use of suitable public land for the creation of serviced building plots in order to support the development of this emerging housing market. This funding provides support to local authorities to bring forward serviced self and custom-build plots.

The S&CB2 fund is offering c.£20 million of capital grant funding to unlock and accelerate the release of these sites.

All English local authorities are eligible to apply and both brownfield and greenfield sites will be accepted.

The aims of supporting self and custom-build are to:

  • release local authority-owned land by the end of September 2024 for housing development that otherwise would not come forward during that period. Release of land for self and custom-build plots is the point at which disposal of the first plot takes place.

  • demonstrate a return for Government investment into these small sites.

  • be confident these schemes will deliver within the funding timescale.

Funding should address viability issues and market failure in bringing forward serviced plots. The types of costs requiring funding may include:

  • site levelling, groundworks

  • provision of small-scale infrastructure

  • highways works or other access challenges

  • addressing environmental constraints

  • providing services to the plots

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

In response to feedback received from the first round, the fund’s eligibility criteria has expanded and is now open to all local authorities in England, including Mayoral Combined Authorities.

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