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Build-Zone again emphasize and encourage the use of A-Rated Insurers after Alpha Insurance A/S cease

Build-Zone have always said and maintained that everyone who buys Structural Warranties should only do so from A-Rated Insurers as it is a long-term insurance policy. We can offer a choice of A-rated Insurers and high capacity/limits are available.

Danish unrated insurer Alpha Insurance has gone into solvent liquidation. An announcement on the insurer’s website blamed CBL Insurance for the failure.

It stated: “Effective immediately, Alpha Insurance A/S has ceased all underwriting, including renewals.

“This decision is a direct consequence of CBL Insurance Limited, one of Alpha Insurance’s largest reinsurers, having had their AM Best A- rating suspended and has been placed into interim liquidation.”

The statement explained that the Alpha board of directors decided on 3 March to cease all underwriting of new business and renewals with immediate effect.

The following day (4 March) the general assembly of Alpha insurance chose to place the company into solvent liquidation.

The statement continued: “This means that Alpha Insurance A/S as from this date will be in run-off. The company is solvent, and we therefore expect that all present and future obligations will be honoured.”

The Danish regulator warned last week that Alpha was at risk of failing to meet its solvency requirements. The insurer, along with Elite Insurance which failed last year, was also named in an affidavit from the Central Bank of New Zealand seeking to place CBL Insurance into interim liquidation.

Build-Zone would like to reiterate to anyone looking at insurance providers to always ensure that you are using Insurance Professionals who understand the business but also the Risk Management and who deal direct with the Underwriters and not a Wholesale Team / Telephone Sales Staff who just see it as easy pickings. It may not cost you anymore now for better “security” but could mean a lot in later years when claims start coming in.

Remember it is not enough to hope that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will come to the rescue when an Insurer goes under as sometimes highlighted and stated by some Providers using Insurers from Denmark or Gibraltar.

The FSCS may consider that the policy was sold to a Commercial entity which, may not be covered by the FSCS rules, even though it is a Consumer which has been affected.

Even If it is accepted by FSCS it does not mean that settlement will be quick! The FSCS is still dealing with compensation claims for eligible policyholders for Insurers which went out of business many years ago and more importantly as this is not a ‘compulsory’ class of Insurance then under FSCS Rules they will only pay out 90% of the claim, leaving the claimant to find the remaining 10%. For a large structural failure claim this may still leave the home owner unable to repair their property as they may have to find many thousands of pounds.

If you are Developer, Contractor, Custom Builder or Self-Builder who has projects coming up then feel free to give us a call to discuss it with our trained team of Insurance Professionals.

Build-Zone was created as a 10 Year Structural Warranty provider in 2003 and is a trading style of Sennocke International Insurance Services Limited, which was established in 1990. We are experienced in underwriting warranties for all types of developments, from single unit Self-builds and Custom Builds to large Residential or Commercial developments. Whatever your project, we can help provide the 10 or 12 Year Structural Warranty you need.

Once we have the required information we will get back to you in 24 hours if your project is urgent and we can arrange Building Control attendance within days.

Call us on: 0345 230 9873 or visit for more information.

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