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Choosing the best Site Insurance for Self-Build projects

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Undertaking a major extension or renovation project requires significant investment (and sometimes nerves of steel!). So, it makes sense to put the right Site Insurance in place at the beginning, to protect your interests against unforeseen events that might scupper the best-laid plans of even the most organised among us. Build It published a great article on this which we would like to share with you.

Why is it important to have project insurance?

Self-building or renovating can be risky business. A major scheme involves valuable, heavy machinery and expensive materials waiting to be used.

Risk can exist in familiar issues like liability, theft, storm damage and fire, but also unfamiliar issues like tradesmen not completing the works satisfactorily, your contractor utilising unsuitable materials to complete your project, or your builder accidentally damaging your home. We have a vast amount of experience in providing the custom build home insurance you require and a deep understanding of the types of projects you are likely to undertake, so you can count on us to take care of your needs.

Mike Hardwick, Self-build consultant and project management specialist comments:

“Trades will also be working in dangerous environments – such as on roofs and scaffolding, with the accompanying risks of falling or being under something that’s dropped from height. Furthermore, while the work goes ahead, part-built structures such as gable ends can be vulnerable to extreme weather events.

All of this is completely outside the normal remit of domestic building and contents insurance, which means you’ll need to secure a specialist product. Insurance is a risk-based industry and the risks associated with a building site are far higher and much more varied than the relative safety of a residential property.

It is for this reason that when you undertake an extension, or tackle serious renovation work to your current home, it’s essential you notify your insurer before the project starts.”

Site Insurance is necessary to protect your investment when you’re carrying out a renovation, conversion, extension or new build. The policies cover the new works, existing structure and rest of the site. It protects against the likes of losses, fire, theft, flood, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage. You can view the specific project pages for in-depth information on Self-Build Zone's structural insurance:



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