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Approved Inspectors, Building Control and Structural Warranties

Approved Inspectors, Building Control and Structural Warranties

Self-Build Zone can help clients at the Pre-Build Stage.

Following the demise of Alpha Insurance A/S in May 2018 you could be forgiven for being a little twitchy, especially when this past couple of weeks reports have been emerging that Aedis, a substantial Approved Inspector organisation cannot continue to lawfully operate as their Professional Indemnity has expired. LABC also state that they have been acting illegally by trying to pass ‘work in progress’ to another private building inspector.

Building Control and Approved Inspectors

If you are about to submit your Initial Notice or if you have already done so but not actually commenced works -it is not too late to change. You can withdraw your Initial Notice and our in-house company can offer advice on who to consider using (or not!) based on past experience and also their current position relating to Professional Indemnity Insurance.

When it comes to the current issues with Approved Inspectors, Self-Build Zone and Build-Zone have the use of an in-house company (BZSS) which can facilitate Building Control Inspections as well as Technical Audits through one of their approved and audited partnered surveyors. Part of that process is making sure that they recommend inspectors who have renewed their Professional Indemnity Insurance or will or are likely to be able to get cover going forward, as well as meeting their own high standards.

Structural Warranty and Approved Inspectors

Aedis sold Structural Warranties supported by Unrated Insurers – something we have always advised against. You also need to consider who your Warranty Provider is and make sure that you only buy cover backed by an ‘A’-rated Insurer (AM Best or Standard and Poor’s) Alpha Insurance, an Unrated Insurer, caused policyholders major problems and they paid a heavy price with having to purchase another policy with the expensive retrospective Inspections and premiums.

Self-Build Zone and Build-Zone are part of a professional Insurance Brokers and we will always try to advise people on the best course of action if your Approved Inspector (AI) ceases trading or if you want to consider having an ‘A’- Rated insurer behind your 10 year Warranty.

If you are concerned then come and talk to the Insurance Professionals, Self-Build Zone or

Build-Zone (commercial) – or we can call you back if you email your details.

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