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Self-Build Zone becomes NaCSBA Gold Member

Self-Build Zone is now a Gold Corporate Member of NaCSBA (National Custom and Self Build Association).

Corporate Gold membership demonstrates that we are a heavy-weight in the Custom and Self-build sector, and are truly committed to changing the way we do housing in the UK. Our backing will support NaCSBA in their lobbying of central and local Government, and contribute to the growth and expansion of the self-build industry.

By partnering with NaCSBA as a Gold Member, we can help build up ‘best practice’ information. This enables NaCSBA to guide future generations of Custom/Self-builders about the most efficient way to build their homes.

NaCSBA is a not-for-profit organisation, and the finances raised from membership fees directly feed into our lobbying and campaigning work – helping us create more opportunities for our members.

NaCSBA commits to work on behalf of its Standard and Gold Members to:

  • Grow the Custom, Self-build and community-led housing sector, creating more opportunities for consumers and professionals

  • Be a trusted voice in the industry

  • Share emerging data, insights and best practice with our members

  • Give a voice to our members through delivering their views, needs and opinions to National and local Government, and give them the opportunity to feed into our our consultation responses.

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