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To build or not to build?

To build or not to build?

Peter Kempton- Director - taking part in a radio interview with Pulse Radio as part of a roadshow of interviews during the Self-Build Zone 'To build or not to build' campaign.

During the interview, Peter discusses the benefits of self-builds for housing demand and explains how Self Build Zone provides Site Insurance and Structural Warranty products for new builds, renovations, extension and conversion projects whether they be DIY home improvements, a new build, or a major renovation.

Watch the Pulse Radio video here: https://youtu.be/WcDQZw2vOzY

Peter explains:

"Building or creating a home, either from scratch or as a conversion or renovation project can be one of the most rewarding challenges of your life. The type of project you are embarking on will invariably involve a significant amount of investment, so ensuring you have the correct level of cover in place is essential. Self Build Zone offers