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Who should complete your building control?

Who should complete your building control?

Site Insurance is necessary to protect your investment when you’re carrying out a renovation, conversion, extension or new build. The policies cover the new works, existing structure and rest of the site. It protects against the likes of losses, fire, theft, flood, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage.

We offer an all-risk policy giving you the protection you need from start to finish. The policy covers the project from the point at which you assume liability on the land or even a property that is to be demolished and continues whilst you are sorting out planning permission.

As works start, the policy responds by covering the works in progress and materials. It’s quite likely that you will have plant, tools and equipment on site or maybe even a residential caravan and these can be covered if required.

Accidents do happen and that is an unfortunate fact. People working on site do get injured, whether it be family, friends or third-party contractors. Obviously, we try to minimise the risk by making Health and Safety information available, but it is very important that both you and they are adequately protected. Therefore, we also include Public Liability and Employer’s Liability cover.

We believe you should have the best possible insurance solutions for your project, which is why our products have inbuilt flexibility and realistic levels of cover. You will find that our Site Insurance packages offer many options of cover.

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