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Weather delays during the self-build process

Weather delays and how it can affect your self-build project.

You've bought the plot, the architects drawings are approved and a green light issued for planning permission. The builder's have been commissioned and your slowly imagining having your first coffee in your open-plan dream kitchen. But wait, what if the build process doesn't go smoothly?

But I am so organised?

You can be the most organised person in the world, but things can still go wrong which are completely out of your control, such as weather conditions which can seriously impact both the structure of your self-build and of course the schedule for completion. it's imperative to arrange adequate protection that safeguards against all eventualities.

Site insurance should be researched and bought before the build starts, the policy will need to cover risks including theft, fire, weather and injury to workers.

We would also recommend that you sure you take out a structural warranty (latent defects insurance) at the start of your self-build as well. This means the warranty provider will inspect your home throughout the duration of the build to ensure regulations are adhered to and means the structure will be covered for 10 years if something goes wrong, long after you've moved in.

"It only takes one element to have a knock-on impact that can cause delays on the whole project - the biggest causes of delays are often weather, labour and availability of material."

To insure your self-build project and ensure you're fully covered you should allow a budget between 5 to 10% of the project value. This is much higher than you would be used to paying with your buildings insurance on your home, but you need to consider that standard homeowners insurance is for just that, your (already built and secure) home. Self-build insurance will cover the build process, so that when things like adverse weather, or site theft occurs, you can be confident that any structural of tool-related issues are adequately covered.

Check out Build It’s five golden rules to follow to ensure you enjoy a successful project:


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