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Passivehaus and Self-Build Homes

Passivehaus and Self-Build Homes

Passivehaus (also referred to as Passive House) is a German standard for achieving an eco home and is an entirely voluntary building performance standard that anyone setting out to build a low-energy home might be interested in. Passivehaus has gained lots of attention in the UK over the years and is based around the principle of reducing heating demand to a very low level, rather than relying purely renewables.

During the planning stages of a self-build project, it's easy to focus on the design style and layout ideas whilst we are in the search for bespoke perfection. But we don't tend to offer much consideration to the air we breath, indoors, or indeed our own health whilst living in our new homes. However, part of the key decision making should be around Passivhaus living as it offers so many well-being and cost-saving benefits.

"Not only will Passivhaus reduce your overall energy demand through increased insulation and high levels of airtightness, it offers a consistently warm, clean and comfortable indoor air environment, reducing respiratory issues, impacts of cold home syndrome and even the effect of radon.

As the solution to the ventilation needs of energy efficient buildings, installing a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system works quite simply by extracting the air from the polluted sources - eg. kitchen and bathrooms - and supplying fresh air back to the 'living' areas - eg. bedrooms and reception rooms - all through a central heat exchanger. There is also the option of installing Passive Ventilation Heat Recovery system, which is even greener as it works from external airflow through a non-mechanical heat exchanger.

Living with fresh, filtered air aids health related illness such as asthma and protects against pollutants such as mould, CO2, smoke, humidity and hay fever, as well as also reducing the overall level of dust in the house. Respiratory health concerns have long been associated with inappropriate building design with an estimated 29,000 people a year dying in the UK due to air pollution and around one in 18 dwellings in England having significant damp and mould issues - so it's evident that things need to change."

Check out this Self-build eco-home in Ealing:solar panels, triple glazing and sedum roof mean bills are just £50 a month in stylish family house!

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