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  • Nicky Frost

Cost of living crisis not putting off self build projects according to NSBRC

A new survey of consumers who’ve visited the National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) shows people’s ambitions to self build has not been affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

The survey respondents included self builders and home renovators and identified that their plans were still on track, with more than half of those surveyed stating that the economic downturn had impacted their plans, but that hadn’t changed their minds about pursuing their projects. Of the 644 responders, just 2% said they had put their projects on hold.

The survey did show, however, that many people were definitely feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, and were opting to adapt their projects, by either revising the spec, scale or model. The main reasons cited (47%) is to increase affordability, for example, undertaking more work themselves as a form of ‘sweat’ equity.

Over a third of people were thinking ahead by planning more energy-saving measures to reduce longer-term operational costs, saying this was a direct response to the current economic conditions.

Harvey Fremlin, Managing Director of the NSBRC, said the findings were reflected by customers at the centre:

“Sustainability and thinking about the energy use of the future is a key priority for our customers. The recent news of possible fuel rationing this winter shows more than ever how important it is to invest in sustainable, energy-efficient measures, and it’s obvious to us from the conversations we have that people are absolutely clear on not compromising on this issue. It’s really important to them.”

Other survey findings included:

  • 79% of people embarking on a major project of this kind choosing to build a completely new home – a rise from 73% in 2021 survey

  • 95% stated that, if they couldn’t self-build, they would not buy a newbuild property, reflecting concerns around choice and build quality – with quality being the prime motivator.

  • 36% had been looking for a plot for more than three years

  • Over 70% say they now feel a plot on a smaller settlement is a more realistic expectation.

If you are still undertaking building work on your existing property, or embarking on a self-build, it’s more important than ever that you are insured to carry out the works. Ensuring you have an all risks self build site insurance policy will protect you from a number of obvious risks and those that you may not consider when starting your project. Risk can exist in familiar issues like liability, theft, storm damage and fire, but also unfamiliar issues like tradesmen not completing the works satisfactorily, your contractor utilising unsuitable materials to complete your project, or your builder accidentally damaging your home.

You can review some of our specific product pages for in-depth information on Self-Build Zone's Self-Build Insurance.

Self-Build Zone offers a range of self build site insurance cover. All of our site insurance policies include public liability and employers’ liability cover as standard. For more information, call 0345 230 9874, or visit the rest of our website

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