• Nicky Frost

Government to review Right to Build measures

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP announced on Friday (Right to Build Day), that the Government will be conducting a review of the measures, to see that they are working.

Councils maintain a register of people wishing to build in their local area, and by 30 October each year, they should have granted planning permission to enough suitable plots to match the demand on the register. The government will examine how well these measures are working.

Jenrick said:

“We are backing people who want to design and build their own home and today I have launched a review to ensure councils provide enough land and take proper consideration for these homes when making planning decisions in their area. This will help more people get a foot on the housing ladder and support our building industry as we deliver the homes that this country needs.”

Jenrick also announced that the data councils collect on self and custom build in their area will now be published annually, and he has written to councils to ensure they consider the demand for these homes when providing land for building and making planning decisions in their area.

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, chief executive of the National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) said:

“England has the lowest known rate of self-commissioned homes in the developed world. Our new homes market is crying out for the greener and higher quality build that goes hand-in-hand with more consumer choice. Housing diversification is key to the government’s housing strategy. This excellent announcement today by the government should help many more people achieve the dream of living in better and more beautiful homes.”

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