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Come and see us at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show

The essential homebuilding and renovating event in the heart of London (ExCeL)

Join us 4-6 October 2019 - Stand G123

We will be on hand to discuss site insurance, building control and structural warranties for your home extension, self-build, renovation or developer projects.


Site Insurance is of fundamental importance when investing your money into property development, especially as the sums are almost always five or six figures.

Whether your project is a conversion, renovation, extension or new build, you will invariably need comprehensive protection for the new work, existing structure (if there is one) and the rest of the site.

You must protect the existing structure and all the new work against losses such as fire, theft, floor, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage.

Do not just rely on your standard building insurance to cover the cost of any loss as, often, they will not pay out on a loss that involves a property under development.

Building Control

Using our in-house team Build-Zone Survey Services, we can facilitate all your building control and technical audit survey needs for the Warranty and building regulations. This can save time and money over using the local authority.

Structural Warranty

Self-Build Zone Warranty provides a much better alternative to Architect’s Certificate and is similar to the NHBC and other Structural Warranty products. It is specifically designed for new build, conversion, extension and completed properties and is backed by Lloyd’s of London. Apart from peace of mind you gain by having the Self-Build Zone Structural Warranty, most lenders will probably require a warranty as part of the lending criteria, this is also useful if your circumstances change and you need to sell the property in the next 10 years as you will find it likely that your prospective purchaser’s lender will require a Structural Warranty on the property before releasing any money.

Do not rely on an Architects Certificate as this will only provide cover in the event that you are able to establish negligence by the architect, which will be covered under their professional indemnity insurance but only for a period of 6 years and it will not cover workmanship or defective materials. The Build-Zone Warranty applied for a period of 10-Years and will respond straight away as a ‘prime’ policy and the insurers will then take on recovery action against those responsible.

We will be doing a masterclass on how to protect your project from start to finish.



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