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Q&A with Sarah Kempton to celebrate International Women's Day 2023

Q&A with Sarah Kempton, Marketing Manager for Aston Lark, Growth & Schemes Team - to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week 2023…

Currently employed as Marketing Manager for Sennocke International Insurance Services Limited, part of the Aston Lark Group. Sarah’s brands include Sennocke, Self-Build Zone, Build-Zone and BZSS. Sarah’s current role includes Project Management, Website Design & Management, SEO, Social Media Management, Web Development, Communication & Relationship Management, Event Organisation (Tradeshows), and Market Research. You could say Sarah is very busy!

How did you get into your career?

Insurance runs in my family, so it was only natural for me to pursue the same path. After gaining experience with marketing in the leisure industry, I decided to take up a new challenge and join my parents' business by setting up its marketing department.

What do you love about your job?

I'm extremely passionate about my work, which is constantly evolving in the insurance and construction sectors. Construction satisfies an important requirement that impacts everyone living in the UK, so being part of something beneficial to others while witnessing new technologies emerge is incredibly rewarding. It's gratifying knowing that what I do can make people's lives easier and create a better planet all at once!

Being in the insurance industry allows me to protect people and companies from potential harm, which is extremely rewarding. Additionally, I am fortunate enough to design my own brands and witness their growth as a result of my ideas. The satisfaction that comes with seeing something you created succeed is unparalleled!

Who has inspired you the most in your career?

My dad – he had the vision and ambition to launch our family's business with limited resources just a year before I was born. He recognised a gap in the market that needed attention, so he took action to protect those wanting to construct their ideal house. Dad taught me everyone should be heard and respected as long as they can back up what they are saying.

This has been instrumental in helping me to be heard and respected in a heavily male-dominated world, proving that my ideas are of value and should not be disregarded.

His ambition was limitless, so he continually sought out solutions and explored what customers needed. He desired to create a comprehensive one-stop shop that pushed the limits in order to discover new opportunities. With an entrepreneurial spirit at its core, his brand is now recognised as the top name in self build insurance and proudly stands among the largest providers for site insurance and structural warranties in the UK.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?

Never be afraid to ask questions; doing so is one of the best ways for you to gain new knowledge and watch your job progress. Asking questions will provide an opportunity to learn and ultimately grow in your role over time. Remember: there's no harm in asking!

What advice would you give to women thinking of entering the insurance industry?

The insurance industry has experienced incredible growth recently, and it's extremely rewarding to be part of something that everyone needs. My passion is helping people and finding solutions, so if you share the same drive, this could be a great field for your career! Nothing pleases me more than being able to do what I love while making an impact on others.

#InternationalWomensDay2023 #IWD23

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