• Nicky Frost

What’s the difference between an Architect Certificate and a Structural Warranty?

No, this isn’t a lead-in to a silly joke! It’s a question we get asked all the time. There is currently no legislation in place that requires you to have any particular cover for your new home after completion, however, there are requirements from UK Lenders. In the UK, most Lenders will require a guarantee for up to ten years. This means that even if you haven't used a Lender or mortgage to finance your build, you would need this guarantee if you were to sell the property in the first ten years to anyone using a Lender.

The most commonly known and comprehensive cover is a 10-year structural warranty. Recently, more companies are offering a Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PCC) or Architect Certificates as alternatives, however, these often do not offer the right level of cover.

What exactly are the differences? and which should you choose?

Using the table below, it becomes clear what is covered via a Structural Warranty and an Architect Certificate. It also reveals the distinct differences between the two types of cover available for your new home following completion:

An Architect Certificate does not offer the same level of cover as a Structural Warranty and runs for a shorter time. An architect certificate only lasts for a period of 6 years, only covers your new home against defects in design, and does not incl