• Nicky Frost

A guide to self build insurance

Site Insurance is necessary to protect your investment when you’re carrying out a renovation, conversion, extension, or self build. The policies cover the new work, existing structure and rest of the site. It protects against the likes of losses, fire, theft, flood, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage.

To risk it without the proper insurance in place could leave you in financial dire straits.

Conversations are happening daily across many of the self build networking groups on social media and it's a subject that is always at the forefront with the most common questions being 'my home insurance company will not cover my insurance for my self-build or extension'. Without adequate cover you are at risk.

Our guide recently published in Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine explains everything you need to know about self build insurance, from why and when you need it and what your policy should cover.

Some common questions...

Do I Really Need Self Build Insurance?

We are used to insuring our most valuable possessions these days. Yet every year lots of people build or renovate their own homes without any insurance — a project costing tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds. For many of them, the gamble pays off — if indeed they even knew they could insure their project in the first place. But it can be an extremely false economy.